What were the highlights of your 2019? For some of our students, they included finding a job, getting a driver’s license, and taking the next step towards earning a higher degree. During each of the spring and fall programs at Mid-State, over 100 adults received services from Mid-State’s staff and volunteers; they learned English, computer skills, reading, and math. They prepared for the citizenship exam and the TOEFL test, wrote resumes, and learned about our community through guest speakers and workshops.

When asked what they accomplished this past fall term, students reported achieving a wide variety of goals related to their futures and their daily, practical experience. Many said that they learned skills to communicate at work; they also gained independence in managing their everyday lives. For example, students confirmed that they learned to use the bus, visit the library, and go to the bank. Others replied that they gained skills to help their child with homework and talk to their child’s teacher. In addition, their classes and tutoring helped them make doctor appointments and talk to their health providers. Importantly, most students said they improved all their language skills – speaking, reading, writing, and listening – a clear indication of the balanced and comprehensive instruction they obtained. These are just some of the successes and each learner has their own story; we credit these amazing adults for their perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

We are deeply indebted to our teachers and tutors, who contributed their time and skills to guide their students toward these impressive results. Our volunteers demonstrate compassion, commitment, and a love for learning. Their own words emphasize how much they care about their students and value the experience they have in helping them:

  •     [My student] really thoroughly enjoys learning English and is passionate about improving himself.
  •         This was truly a rewarding experience
  •         I really enjoyed teaching this class and was lucky enough to have such a wonderful group of committed and curious students. 
  •         I would just like to thank you for the opportunity of working with Mid-State Literacy Council this semester. It was more fulfilling than I imagined.

 The community also gave outstanding support through charitable gifts, participation in our Spelling Bee, book donations during our annual bookdrive, and volunteer service. Many groups and individuals gave their time, skills, and enthusiasm by teaching, serving in our office, helping at events, and raising funds to support our essential programs.

This is just a taste of the many good things that happen every day as we come together – students, teachers, neighbors, and friends – to learn from each other. One student said it best about Mid-State: “A great place to learn English!”

Mid-State Literacy Council depends on the support of our community.