Every year adult students come to Mid-State Literacy Council to study with a tutor or take small classes to help them accomplish their education and communication goals, including:

  • Preparing to pass the GED test
  • Studying and practicing for the TOEFL test
  • Learning computer skills
  • Increasing reading, writing, math, and communication skills
  • Studying for the CDL
  • Studying English
  • Preparing to apply for jobs
  • Learning new work skills
  • Preparing for University or Graduate School entrance exams
  • Preparing for the Citizenship test
  • Volunteering in our community
  • Getting a job or a promotion

See the class schedule below or view the print version HERE.


Do you know someone who is struggling to survive in our community without proficient literacy skills? Do you know someone whose life would improve if they better understood the English language?

To help someone (or yourself!) improve their literacy skills and their life, email us at: or call (814) 238-1809!

Study English at Mid-State Literacy Council 

Click HERE for details of our Summer 2022 program.

Summer 2022 ESL Program

Basic English for Spanish Speakers

Jack Craig

Monday & Wednesday

5:30  – 7 pm

Schlow Library


Multi-Skills 1  

Yuki Yu & Jenny Jiang 

Monday and Thursday

10:00 – 11:30 am

MSLC Office

Reading & Writing 1 

Donna Preston

Tuesday and Friday

1:00 – 2:30 pm


Speaking & Listening 1  

Luke May

Monday and Wednesday

1 – 2:30 pm

MSLC Office


Multi-Skills 2 

Karen Dabney 

Monday & Thursday

10:30 am – noon


Reading & Writing 2 

Betse Esber 

Monday and Friday

2:00 – 3:30 pm


Speaking & Listening 2 

Rose Bohn

Tuesday and Friday

10:30 am – noon

MSLC Office


Multi-Skills 3

Lina Chung 

Monday & Wednesday

9:30 – 11:00 am

MSLC Office

Reading & Writing 3 

Betse Esber

Tuesday and Thursday

noon – 1:30 pm


Speaking & Listening  3  

Walter Broughton  

Monday and Friday

noon – 1:30 pm

MSLC Office 

All Levels are Welcome

Current Events

Claudia McCabe & Maria Smereka 

Tuesday & Friday

9 – 10:15 am

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe


New students are invited to schedule an intake to assess your current skills. Please contact Jennifer Walter at

or call (814) 238 – 1809.

Contact Details

248 E Calder Way, Suite 307
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 238 – 1809

Mid-State Literacy Council depends on the support of our community.