As we continue to live in a world of unpredictability, it is not uncommon to feel a lack of motivation because of quarantines and self-isolation. This is why when pandemic restrictions are lifted Mid-State Literacy Council will have you covered. Since the global pandemic has taken over, it has become easier to stay in bed or wear pajamas all day and never get outside. As restrictions are slowly being raised, getting fresh air each day can allow people to reform and develop some very positive habits.

What I feel the key is to find the motivation within yourself is an activity or hobby that you feel passionate about. Make it something you can miss if you are very busy, but makes you happy when you’re partaking. If you are open to trying new activities here are some for you:

  • Go for a walk (nature is extremely relaxing and opens your mind)
  • Sit out in the yard or on your deck (some daily sunlight may actually make you feel great)
  • Find a hike or walking trail near you (you can set a goal and work towards its completion while being healthy)
  • Explore your town or neighborhood (you may find your new favorite spot!)
  • Ride a bike (trust me it will put a smile on your face)
  • Take some photos (it will keep you active and give you memories to look back on)

There are so many different activities that will get you out of the house and this list is only a few. Find whatever it is that makes you feel good, and try to make a habit of doing it outside whenever you have the time. If you are like me, the idea sounds great, but the actual reason to get up and do it is still not there. Not to worry, I have thought of a few reasons to get outside and active for the both of us:

  • It is a great way to clear your mind from things going on with work or home.
  • It may give you creative inspiration and can increase your concentration.
  • The more you do it, the easier it becomes to make it a habit.
  • Exercise, while daunting, will make you feel great after (not to mention you will sleep better!)
  • Sunlight and fresh air have been proven by a Harvard Medical School study to make people happier and elevate their mood.

Now you have been provided with both the activity and the reasoning. It may not be your favorite part of your day right away, but once you find your reasons in your life and pick the activity that makes you feel passionate, you won’t want to cut it from your routine.

The pandemic is still real and still a thorn in our lives, but major progress is being made on how to handle it. Before we know it, the restrictions will be lifted, and our lives will go back to the past, although it still feels uncommon and long ago. Don’t let this pandemic control your lives longer than it must. Sometimes a simple step outside and a breath of fresh air will change your whole mood and mindset. The decision is yours to make, take advantage of the opportunities you have while you can.

Mid-State Literacy Council depends on the support of our community.