The COVID pandemic has challenged all of us in different ways. Computer technology has become the lifeline for many families to remain in touch with loved ones. But how do you teach basic computer skills when you are unable to meet in person? The need for computer literacy skills is even greater right now than in the past. Mid-State Literacy Council wanted to rise to the challenge and find a way to bring meaningful computer skills to local seniors.

Fortunately, we had a number who rose to the challenge with us, including one group who had safe access to a community room at their apartment complex and staff who were willing to assist. It was a learning process for both me and the seniors who participated as we adapted to Zoom! While not ideal, especially given the array of personal computers and cell phones available each with their own nuances, we were successful in completing a four-session series in March-April. Instruction was provided to participants about computer hardware and software, searching the internet and social media, and cell phones and mobile applications. PSECU did a session on scams and identity theft.

While I look forward to the day when we can be back to in-person sessions for hands on assistance, we were glad to bring this training to these seniors. Some even enjoyed the convenience of participating from home. They appreciated learning about websites and mobile apps for seniors and how to protect themselves from scams. So, despite the challenge of remote learning, we found a way to use technology and share the knowledge. In the words of one of the participants “This was a very fun experience for me. I am glad I got to participate. I am interested in continuing to learn. Thanks for being awesome ?  teaching us old people.” For those who are willing, we are here to enable them to Zoom in and learn!

Mid-State Literacy Council depends on the support of our community.