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Mid-State Literacy Council: A Refugee’s Bridge to Peace

When Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022, Oleksandra fled to the United States to live safely with her sister, Svitlana, a long-term resident of State College. Since men were prohibited from exiting Ukraine at the time, she had to leave her husband and 32-year-old son behind.

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There is Always Common Ground

As an eighteen-year-old excited to attend Penn State, one of my main goals was to better my cultural competence. Coming from what I describe as a “cookie-cutter town,” I grew up learning a great sense of community and was surrounded by countless caring people who would drop anything to help at a moment's notice, but nearly everyone came from families like my own. There was very little diversity.

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Literacy: The 6th Sense

Literacy is a 6th sense, essential to understanding the world that surrounds you in a coherent and rational manner. Literacy is not just flipping through textbooks, it is comprehending the news, reading a room, and ultimately the key to communication. How do you read the world around you? Do you comfortably flow through the torrent of our literary surroundings; or do you feel adrift and unheard when trying to illustrate your perceptions?

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